Saturday, July 6, 2013

School Holidays

School Holidays
As I work part time as a teacher's assistant I have really been looking forward to school holidays this term.  I have SO MUCH to do!!!!
The weather is not helpful though, and still after 8 years of running the business I seem to 'forget' how the cold weather slows things down in the studio.
But today I spent 4 hours rolling, cutting, decorating, casting etc...
to get enough samples made for my new August release.
Today I also rewired new elements into the kiln
(cross fingers that everything runs smoothly this time)
My porcelain jewellery course is booked for August

and I am also running a polymer clay jewellery course for the council in September.
As well as working part time during school term I do parent help at my kids school.
Another project in the wings is a large porcelain installation piece for the University of Tasmania.
SO MANY IDEAS and so little time.......
I have been neglecting the house lately, so one of my aims over the holidays is to tidy things up a little.  Today I totally cleaned the small room off the lounge leading to the outside deck.
Boring (I hate cleaning) but it was a job that needed doing and I felt much better after.
I plan to do one room a day. 

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