Friday, July 5, 2013


About a month ago I lost my mojo...
I was having difficulty with some new clay
I wasn't feeling THE LOVE with my work
I was snowed under with school assignments, my part time job and running kids around to sporting practice and events etc...
The kids all got tonsillitis
I lost the internet for a week
I lost the phone connection for 4 days
The sewerage blocked up and leaked all through the laundry and toilet
My kiln elements needed replacing
I replaced them, and 1 popped out of the socket and short circuited all the others
the thermocouple in the kiln needed replacing too
I lost a whole kiln load of work
I received heaps of bills in the mail
The house looked trashed, washing hung everywhere, dishes in the sink
A trip to the doctor, which resulted in a referral to a specialist
a friend of one of my boys passed away suddenly and unexpectedly
he was 13 years old
We attended the funeral as a group (the boys played football together, so all wore their colours)
Standing room only
After the funeral I received an email from the team manager....
Hold your sons close tonight and let us appreciate all that we have
Enjoy those dirty clothes on the floor
The footy boots at the door that we always trip over
and the early morning starts on a freezing Sunday morning
We are very lucky we still have these things
and I realised that life wasn't so bad after all.

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