Monday, November 11, 2013

A Change of Pace

**** 2014 ****
Will see a change to magoolie
The business has grown significantly and I had to either
*employ another person, train them, pay them superannuation etc..
(which also meant more bookwork)
*take a step back, cut out some stockists and breathe a little
I have decided to do the latter, as I really enjoy my current part-time work as a Teacher's Assistant and want to continue this.
I am also hoping that this will give me some time to work on some limited edition and one-off pieces
 for an exhibition, as well as change direction towards doing some public commissions and larger scale pieces.
I would also love to be able to tidy the house, work in the garden and do some renovations.
I am really excited about 2014 and am looking forward to having a better balance of work, rest, creating and play!!!
But don't worry I will still be designing and creating, and will build up my website to include some limited edition pieces, plus I will still be at Salamanca Market and other selected markets.

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