Saturday, April 27, 2013

Windy Days

I was up at 5am as usual, ready to head off to Salamanca Market...
alas, because of high winds predicted the Market was cancelled.
I know alot of stallholders will complain about this, but I for one do not enjoy a windy day down there.  Umbrellas fly around, gazebos that are not properly anchored are uprooted and I have to pack most of my stock away, as it is fragile.
I do feel for the food and flower stallholders though, as they can't just put it away for next week.
So since I was up I made the most of the day and headed home, unpacked the car, made a coffee and went into the studio.  The sunrise this morning was wonderful and the day was so still to begin with....but soon it was blowing a gale and I was glad to be at home.
I will apologise now for the lack of posts lately and in the near future.
I am busy making new pieces, studying, and have recently started a new part-time job as a teacher's assistant (which works well with school holidays)
If I get the time I will post some BLOG LOVES for you all...

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