Tuesday, March 26, 2013

STILL so busy

Life is pretty hectic here at the moment....
I have been working on some new homewares
as well as some new jewellery pieces
I am also heading off to
Magnolia Square....for their Mothers Day Market in May,
so have been busy making things for that.
Not to forget to mention that the whole family has nasty colds,
sinus infections, asthma flare ups etc..  etc...
The good news is that...
the new homewares are coming along nicely
I have been running a fun art class with some special needs children at the local school
I have come up with an idea for a beautiful art installation
I have made some divine new jewellery pieces
it's nearly time for an Easter Break to recharge the batteries
Lu Lu.....one of our lovely chooks (which ALL stopped laying months ago???)
maybe they lay chocolate eggs and are stashing them for Easter Bunny!

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